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ORPHANS OF THE COSMOS/宇宙孤兒 (Philharmonia Orchestra, London 2023) Royal Festival Hall Organ, Bcl.Cbsn.Hn.BTbn.Tba.Vla.Vcl.Db. OUTRENOIR V: ÁGUA DA VIDA (Pedra Angular/ Festival Terras des Sombra/ Sonotomia, Odemira 2022) Words: Jamie Man. Soprano, Installation of dead bees and Electronics. Spatial sound design, Marijn Cinjee and 4DSOUND.  ELVÁGYÓDÁS (Sonotomia, 4DSOUND Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest 2022) music for 60 speakers created with Marijn Cinjee and André Fonsenca OUTRENOIR III: THE LITTLE DEATH  (San Francisco Symphony Soundbox, 2022) Words: Jamie Man. Four voices, light sculpture and orchestra 3.0.0.-  ZELLE (LOD Muziektheater (BE), Theater- und Musikgesellschaft Zug (CH), deSingel Antwerp (BE), Asko Schönberg (NL), Palau de les Arts Reine Sofia (ES), De Munt / La Monnaie Bruxelles (BE), Festival Aix-en-Provence (FR) & Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (PT)  2021) Words: Peter Stamm. Opera for Noh performer, Countertenor, Throat Singer, Percussion, Electric Guitar, Electronics and stage. SECOND SKIN (Sonotomia, 4DSOUND and Santa María Foundation, Albarracín) Dark room installation with Pedro Vian (music artist) Alberto Quintana (architect) and Marijn Cinjee (sound engineer) FILTH & ECSTASY (Ballet de l' Opera du Rhin, Strasbourg 2021) Amplified orchestra with electric guitar solo 2.2(II+C.A).2(II.+Bcl).2- timp.perc.-Hp. elec guit. LETTERS TO ANTONIO (Sinfonia Humanitas and Gabriella Teychenné, London 2020) Baroque ensemble Hpchd.-str. CONNAISSEZ-VOUS LE CRI DU CHOCARD? (The Chamber Orchestra of Paris and Théatre du Châtelet, Paris 2020) played from memory with light installation GEBURT (UnitedBerlin Ensemble/Vladimir Jurowski and Dietrich Henschel, Berlin 2019) Words: Peter  Stamm,  baritone  and ensemble. OUTRENOIR II: APPETITUS  (London  Symphony Orchestra Soundhub, London 2019) Words: Jamie Man. vln. vcl. perc. light installation (Ben Zamora)  OUTRENOIR I: A REFLECTION  (Ensemble Xenon, Berlin 2018) Words: Jamie Man. actor. sop. vla. vcl.  SKIN: THE  PURGATORY WE LIVE IN (TOTEM(s) La Chartreuse, Festival d'Avignon, Asko|Schonberg Ensemble, 2018) Words:  Jamie Man  四 / SHI  (Ensemble-No and Ryoko  Aoki,  Tokyo  2017)  Words: 伊藤晴雨, Itō Seiu and  Japanese Death  Poems. Noh performer and violoncello COUNTING SHEEP (Mahogany  Opera  Snappy Opera,  London 2017)  Words:  Stephen  Plaice. Pno and many  children  PLAY: EPISODES  IN  SUBSPACE  (Gulbenkian  Orchestra,  Lisbon (2016)  Words:  Jamie  Man .sop.ten. 2fl.picc. 2C.A. 2cl. Bcl. 2fg. Kfg. 4hn.3tp. 3tb. tba. timp. 2perc. 10vla. 8vc. 6cb. FAG (Georgie Powell, Amsterdam, 2015) Bassoon and Cassette Tape THE SLEEPWALKERS/ SNOW  (LOD Muziektheater, Ghent 2013) prepared pno.sop.alt.ten.bss.  CLOWNS CRY TOO  (Xenon Enemble, Berlin  2013) Words: Jamie Man. Voice. vln. vla. KB. Metal Objects. Train Station BODY LANGUAGE  (LOD Muziektheater/Silbersee, Ghent 2014) Words: Jamie Man. Electronics: Wouter Snoei. electronics ANNA  (Festival Aix-en-Provence Opera Creation 2014) Words: Rory Mullarkey. R (Melkweg Project, Amsterdam 2014) Words: Jamie Man. Choreography: Stefano Taiuti. Sop. Butoh dancer. 2 cassette tape recorders. Electronic Tape.  EVA  (Melkweg Project, Amsterdam 2014) Words: Jamie Man. Scenography: Annatina Huwiler 3sop. Trapeze artist. 3 cassette tape recorders. Electronic tape.  A-SLEEP APART  (Tenso Workshop with Eric Ericsons Kammerkör, Mechelen 2013) Words: Jamie Man/Ovid Metamorphoses   KENNY AND TAIYE  (Royal Opera House, London  2012) Words: Jamie Man and Tolu Ogenlesi prepared pno.2sop.  AFFINITY  (Tom Southern and the Motor Neurone Society, Aldeburgh  2012) Words: Kenneth Vard.  Soprano and piano.  PHOTOSYNTHESIS  (Orkest de Ereprijs, Apeldoorn 2012) Words: Stephen Plaice SATYRS (Jerwood Foundation, Aldeburgh 2011) Words: Toby Litt. THE ARK: SONGS AND SOUNDS IN MEMORY OF OLIVIER MESSIAEN (University Symphony Orchestra, Birmingham 2008) Symphony Orchestra, four percussionists, piano and harpsichord. 


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